Our target for attendance is set at 96.5% or above.

There is no automatic entitlement for parents to take their children on holiday in school time, and parents are strongly discouraged from doing so. Each request for holiday will be considered individually taking account of the following:

  • The very exceptional circumstances given
  • The child’s level of attendance

All letters requesting holidays in term time must be made at least one month in advance stating the circumstances. These will only be approved in exceptional circumstances. All requests for holidays that are not received one month in advance, or that will make it impossible for your child to attend for at least 90% of the year, will not normally be authorised.

Please note that government research indicates that attendance below 90% has a significant impact on attainment.

Any holidays in term time, taken without the agreement of the school, or in excess of that agreed will be classed as unauthorised and may put your child’s place in the school at risk or result in a penalty notice being issued.

We do not set work for children who take term time holidays.

Please read the guidance on term time holidays