Fire Visit to Year 2


Year 2 had a very exciting afternoon learning all about fire.

We were lucky enough to have a real life fire engine and fire fighters visit us. They showed us all of the equipment inside the fire engine; we even got to try on some of fireman Sam’s uniform! Listening to the radio was brilliant and we got to see what an infra-red camera looked like!

Learning About The Great Fire

Stuart, the fire education officer, gave us some brilliant information all about the Great Fire or London and told us what it would have been like in London in 1666.

We learnt about why the fire spread and why it was so tricky to put out, then we got to pretend we were fire fighters putting out a fire just as they would have in the Great Fire of London.

Using funny material baskets, we had to pass the water along the whole line of 60 children, with a few of us at the end pumping the water out of the water squirt! We all got to have a go at pumping and holding the fire squirt.

Year 2 had such a brilliant afternoon and we cannot wait to share all we have learnt!