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Year 2

th June
Blue Unit
Mrs Schmincke                                      Red Unit  Mrs Goy

Summer B



We will be using our visit and talk at Colchester Zoo to find out about different environments that plants and animals live in. The leavers assembly will be a celebration of the work the children have undertaken in year 2, as well as a look back at their time in the infant school.
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                               Summer B

The children have really enjoyed hatching the chicks and watching them grow. They are now enjoying a very happy free range life on the farm. Further updates on their development to follow…


Pip, Puffles, Naymar, Lucky, Fluffy, Pikachu, Eggbert and Chirpy!


Tuesday 23rd May – Whole school visit to the Poppy Wave

Wednesday 24th May – Super Splash Water presentation

Friday 9th June – Year 2 Colchester Zoo trip

Saturday 17th June – Summer Fair

Monday 3rd July – History Day

Thursday 6th July – Opening Evening

Monday 10th July – Sports Day

Tuesday 11th July – Music Day

Thursday 21st July – Last day of school


Colchester Zoo 17